All roles are open to anyone in the community, and no experience is necessary to audition.Acting UP

Audition Process:

  • Auditions are traditionally held on two dates, When necessary, a call back date will follow. Appointments are usually not required, you'll get signed in when you arrive. Please check each play's specific audition notes carefully.
  • Auditions are held in the lounge or in the
    performance hall.
  • Approximate age ranges of the characters will usually be listed, but it’s always a good idea to check out the script so you can get a feel for the characters.
  • All audition material is provided and will be available at the auditions.
  • Generally, you will be asked to read pages from the script in front of the director, the stage manager, and another reader.
  • You may download this fillable/saveable audition form to prepare ahead of time:
    SLP Audition Form




These two one-act plays run concurrently
Oct 11–22, 2017

Rehearsals are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7 pm until 10 pm
First Rehearsal: Monday, July 31, 2017
Located at St. Luke’s Hall,
3821 Cedar Hill X Road


Fri July 21 at 7pm or Sat July 22 at 1pm

Callbacks (If Necessary):
Mon Jul 24 at 7pm

No appointments are necessary, just show up promptly at the start time.
If you are unable to attend these audition dates contact the directors for alternatives.

Questions of the director:

Scripts will be available:
Oak Bay Flower Shop, 102 - 2187 Oak Bay Avenue

Detailed Audition Poster PDF

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Written by J.M. Barrie Directed by Michael King

On the eve of his knighthood, Harry Sims is full of the great things he considers he has achieved. But the typist hired to answer his messages of congratulations has a fearlessness and humour that is alarming. No comparison to his cowed, joyless wife.



Harry Sims 50-60 years old. Old fashioned. A bit of a Blowhard. Men are superior and rule women attitude. Could be stout or thin. Doesn’t know how to deal with a woman who won’t kowtow to him. Doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

Tombes 40-60 years
– Typical English Butler.


Mrs Sims20-30 years
– Shy, diminutive, afraid of own shadow. For the most part happy but run by her husband. Cowers when he jumps.

Kate40-55 years
– Very sure. Strong woman. Believes that women and men should be equal. A bit of a sharp tongue. Has learned from her mistakes.


Separate Tables: TABLE NUMBER 7

Written by Terrance Rattigan Directed by Michael King

Set in a shabby genteel hotel on England’s south coast, a ‘self-made’ army colonel finds solace with a spinster—over the objections of her ruthless, domineering mother. A sordid scandal threatens. Will Miss Cooper manage to save the day?



Mrs Railton-Bell 50s-60s
– Domineering, snobbish and censorious, the self-appointed spokesman for the residents of the Hotel Beauregard.

Sybil Railton-Bell Late 20s-30s
– Mousy, downtrodden, neurotic and painfully shy daughter of Mrs Railton-Bell.

Lady Matheson 50s-60s
– Impoverished but cultured widow of a Civil Servant, the timid and slightly dithery acolyte of Mrs Railton-Bell. Probably rather more genuinely upper-class than Mrs R-B.

Miss Meacham 50s-60s
– Eccentric spinster, huntin’, shootin’ fishin’ type, spends most of her time studying the racing form and communing with the spirits of the dead. No nonsense, sensible shoes.

Jean Stratton early 20s
– She and Charles are married with a baby, and her conversation consists mostly of baby-talk. To her husband’s horror, staunchly supports Mrs R-B’s campaign against Major Pollock. “A ruthless young woman” is Mr Fowler’s assessment.

Miss Cooper mid 30s
– The hotel Manager, whose calm and efficient exterior reveals little of her feelings and not intimidated by Mrs R-B.

Mabel Any age
– Waitress at the Beauregard Hotel. “taciturn, gloomy and dependable”. Not RP.

Doreen Young
– Another waitress, “flighty, talkative and undependable”. Not RP.


Charles Stratton 20s
– A medical student; husband of Jean Tanner. He is showing signs of being worn down by fatherhood and Jean’s attempts to hen-peck him. Liberal and rational, the only one of the hotel residents to oppose Mrs R-B’s campaign against Major Pollock.

Mr Fowler 50s-60s
– Mild-mannered retired public schoolmaster, lives in permanent anticipation of visits from former pupils who never actually turn up.

Major Pollock mid-50s
– In appearance and manner a too-accurate representation of a public school educated retired army Major. In fact this is a sham, put on to disguise insecurity and self-loathing. He has struck up an unlikely friendship with Sybil Railton-Bell. It is revealed that he has recently been bound over for “persistently importuning male persons” on the promenade.




St Luke’s Players presents the classic love story, Cinderella, complete with songs, dance, exaggerated characters and silly jokes. Come and boo the Ugly Step Sisters, cheer on the Prince and delight in the magic of the Fairy Godmother. It is wonderful entertainment to be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Written by
David and Helena Hitchcock

Directed by
Neville Owen & Janine Longy

Play runs Dec 15, 2017 – Jan 1, 2018
Rehearsals are on Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays from 7 pm until 10 pm
(with consideration to kids)

Located at St. Luke’s Hall,
3821 Cedar Hill X Road


Thurs Sept 14 at 7pm or

Sat Sept 16 at 2pm

Callbacks: Sun Sept 17 at 2pm

No appointments are necessary,
just show up promptly at the start time.

If you are unable to attend these audition dates contact the directors for alternatives.

Auditionees will be asked to sing "Oh Canada" as part of their audition. Link here to a downloadable PDF with the words and music.

Scripts & Questions: or

Brief Audition Poster PDF

Detailed Audition Poster PDF

Panto Audition Form PDF

Promotional Poster PDF



This is a traditional panto. All roles are stereotypes, over the top, overacted and, in some cases, overwhelming!

We are looking for a mixture of young (minimum age of 10 as at December 2017) and mature (no maximum age!) actors, either with theatre experience or wanting to try out for the first time. Everyone welcome! There are a few “mouse” roles for young children 7–10 years old.


(12 actors)

Tinkerbell, Fairy Godmother
female, any age. Comfortable speaking in rhyme and to the audience
Cinderella female (Principal Girl) teenager or young adult. Sweet & innocent but determined! Comparable age to Prince Charming.

Comfortable talking to the audience. Our heroine!

Prince Charming female, confidant, regal. Comparable age to Cinderella. Our hero!

Buttons (Plant) male, or female slightly naïve, very likeable. Comfortable talking to the audience.

Florinda (Yucky Stepsister) and
Llucinda (Yucky Stepsister)

Each acts and speaks as a man, but is dressed as a women (traditional Dame). Large in personality and movements. Outgoing, eccentric, exaggerated, witty “over the top”. Good physical and comedic sense of timing. Mean to Cinderella, but audience needs to laugh at, not boo, them!! Need to work well with each other.

Baron Hardup male, father figure. Ineffectual and henpecked, kind to Cinderella who he adores.

Baroness Hardup female. Manipulative, domineering, scheming.

Evil Landlord (traditional villain)
male, conniving. Overacts his villainy. Evil laugh. Enjoys (and encourages!) the audience booing him. Typical “Victorian melodrama” villain.

Daisy the Cow
panto animal. Requiring two persons, male and/or female. No lines, but requires some agility!

Dandini, the Prince’s footman
male or female , any age (but could be close to Prince Charming’s). Suave, witty, noble.


With possible doubling of roles
(11 to 15 actors):

Mice (4 - 6) 7 to 10 years old. Small, cute, simple choreography, only appear in Act I.

Cat/ Friends/ Party Guests/ Tree Spirits/Horses/Coach Footman
(6 – 8)
– males and/or females.

Can be a mixture of ages, minimum of 10 years old. Some ability to dance as Tree Spirits. Some will also act as Stage Crew to change the sets.

DJ could double as Tree Spirit 2