All roles are open to anyone in the community, and no experience is necessary to audition.Acting UP

Audition Process:

  • Auditions are traditionally held on two dates, When necessary, a call back date will follow. Appointments are usually not required, you'll get signed in when you arrive. Please check each play's specific audition notes carefully.
  • Auditions are held in the lounge or in the
    performance hall.
  • Approximate age ranges of the characters will usually be listed, but it’s always a good idea to check out the script so you can get a feel for the characters.
  • All audition material is provided and will be available at the auditions.
  • Generally, you will be asked to read pages from the script in front of the director, the stage manager, and another reader.
  • You may download this fillable/saveable audition form to prepare ahead of time:
    SLP Audition Form




A suspense-filled thriller

Written by Lucille Fletcher

Directed by
Neville Owen & Janine Longy

Is Elaine Wheeler really seeing dead people in the window across the way? No one believes her, including her husband, a psychiatrist, and her old friend and houseguest. Add an inquisitive and rather strange neighbour, and a nosy German maid and the suspense and mystery deepen towards a riveting and chilling climax.

Play runs October 10 – 21, 2018


St. Luke’s Hall, 
3821 Cedar Hill Cross Road

Fri Aug 17 at 7pm
Sat Aug 18 at 2pm

Callbacks: Sun Aug 19 at 2pm

Rehearsals are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with some exceptions 7-10 pm

No appointments are necessary, just show up promptly at the start time.

Please contact the directors if you cannot attend auditions on these dates.

Scripts will be available at
Oak Bay Flower Shop
102 - 2187 Oak Bay Ave.

Directors / Info
Neville Owen
Janine Longy


Elaine Wheeler 
– 30-50 years old, elegant, fragile in demeanour, central character

John Wheeler
– 30-50 years old, successful stockbroker, self-contained

Blanche Cooke 
– 30-50 years old, efficient, sophisticated

– 40 +years old, German maid, strong personality

Curtis Appleby
– 50+ years old, effeminate

Lieutenant Walker
– 50-60 male , ambitious, solid old style police officer

– 30+ years old , male or female, well educated

Sam Hoke
– 50+ years old, shabby, crusty, arch typical Brooklyn

Dr. Tracey Lake 
– 30+ years old, professional, self assured



Written by Audrey Tyson

Updated by David and Helena Hitchcock

Directed by Heather Lee

St. Luke’s Players presents the classic story of Sleeping Beauty—with a celebration of a new darling baby princess, a nasty curse from an uninvited guest and the banishment of pins from the land. Cheer and boo and be in on what happens next—Panto-style, as the day is saved with singing, dancing, lame jokes and silly, good fun. A favourite for all ages and always a sell-out!

Play runs December 14 – January 1

Rehearsals are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with some exceptions 7-10 pm (with consideration to children). A detailed schedule of rehearsals will be provided at auditions.

Audition Details

Located at S. Luke’s Hall, 3821 Cedar Hill X Road
No appointment necessary, just show up promptly by start time.

August 24 from 7 pm
August 25 from 2 pm

Call Backs Aug 28 from 7 pm

NB If you are unable to attend these audition dates, please contact


Heather Lee

Actors may be asked to sing a familiar song.

Download a script here: Sleeping Beauty Script

Scripts will be available at
Oak Bay Flower Shop
102 - 2187 Oak Bay Ave.



This is a traditional panto. All roles are stereotypes, over the top, overacted and, in some cases, overwhelming! We are looking for a mixture of young and old, either with theatre experience or wanting to try out for the first time. Everyone welcome! There are even a few animal roles for younger children!


Freddie Fosterthe narrator-male or female. Comfortable speaking with the audience.

Scratchiquillmale or female. The king’s secretary. Played as a somewhat doddery, absent-minded senior!

Kingmale. Henpecked by his wife and daughter.

Queenfemale. Dominant partner

Royal Pages/Ladies in Waiting: Lady Purl, Lady Plain,
Twistadult or teenage females

Albert the Horsepanto animal. Requiring two persons, male and/or female. No lines, but requires some agility and coordination!

Lady Titianaact and speak as a man, but is dressed as a woman (traditional Dame). Large in personality and movements. Outgoing, eccentric, exaggerated, witty “over the top”. Good physical and comedic sense of timing.

Fairy Clean, Fairy Lean, Fairy GreenAdult or teenage females
Fairy TeenTeenage female
Fairy Meanmale or female. Definitely the evil character of this panto. Likes being bad. Enjoys the audience boing him/her

Princess Magnoliafemale. Must be believable as a 17 year old.

Prince Charmingmale or female (principal boy). Age must be compatible with Princess Magnolia.


Can easily be played by members of the Chorus;

Nursemaid (Nursey) – adult female

Messengermale or female

Auntie Bioticsadult female


Children, teens and adults, male and female.



A tantilizing murder mystery

Written by C.P. Stancich

Directed by
Geoffrey Davidson

Someone is murdering the women of Blackmead Manor, a fiercely independent female academic community. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are drawn into the case and find their reception as sticky as the mystery they must solve. A dead servant, a missing person and links to Moriarty ensue. Is this merely another interesting case or a fatal trap for Holmes himself?

Play runs March 13 – 24, 2019


St. Luke’s Hall, 
3821 Cedar Hill Cross Road

Thurs Jan 3 at 7pm,
Sat Jan 5 at 7pm,
or Sun Jan 6 at 2pm

Callbacks: TBA

Rehearsals are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with some exceptions 7-10 pm

No appointments are necessary, just show up promptly at the start time. The audition will be comprised of selected readings from the script.

Please contact the director if you cannot attend auditions on these dates.

Geoffrey Davidson


– (male) The Great Detective.

– (male) A true-blooded Englishman, bright enough…unless he stands next to Holmes.

Mirriam Cray
– (female) A sensible youngish widow, intelligent, but with a propensity for blood-curdling screams.

Alice Milne
– (female) A spinster of early middle age, intellectually formidable, the leader of the community.

Estelle Lapoint
– (female) A spinster of sarcasm and fierceness.

Glenda Mackay
– (female) A spinster of some timidity.

– (female) A capable housekeeper.

– (male) An impetuous adventurer.

Mrs. Pettiman
– (female) A country policeman’s wife.

– (male/female) 10-14: A Baker St. Irregular.

– (male) A dead body.